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This photo of a Canister of Rebound shows the ingredients better than a tube does. The Athletic Pak comes with 30 one-serving tubes of Rebound, not the canister shown here.  Canisters are sold separately for lower cost.  The product is identical.

If you are an active on-the-go person, the Athletic Pak is for  you. However, it's a bit cheaper to buy the Healthy Start Pak plus a Canister of Rebound, saving $22.50.

Rebound also comes in a super but different tasting liquid for the same price.

It also comes as a carbonated drink in cans.  Tastes the best of all. 24 for $70.

You can get 1-serving tubes very reasonably.  125 tubes cost $182, wholesale.

$173.00   (NOT $247.14)

Athletes work their joints harder than most people, so they need the extra protection of Gluco-Gel.  Endurance is one of their three top priorities, along with strength and agility.  Rebound contains phyto-nutrients that are so powerful that an entire NBA team uses Rebound.  We're told by a friend of ours who is a retired NBA star, that most of the Gatorade bottles you see on the sidelines actually contain Rebound. The players have to honor their contracts with Gatorade.