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Yep, we love bargains too.

It's hard enough to earn money in the first place and there are a million high-powered corporations lurking around  to relieve you of what you worked so hard to earn.  They act like you're half-working for them.

We're successful because we work hard for our customers and try our best to keep them as healthy as possible, as inexpensively as possible. 

Okay, enough of that.  Here's how you can save lots of money.  It's like getting 15% to 20% off Wholesle.

1.  Buy wholesale, not retail.
          Retail is more than 42% higher!
          We list the wholesale and retail prices on our items, so you will know.
          We only sell at wholesale, which is the same price we pay as a family for the same products.

2.  Get us to pay your shipping costs.
         Youngevity charges us (or you) the higher of $6.50 or 8%.  If your order is for $82.50 or less, it's $6.50.
         If more than $82.50, Youngevity charges 8%.  It's a very simple formula.  $8 per $100.
         Now if you enter into an Autoship contract with Youngevity for $50 or more, they will pay your shipping.  But...
              It's not easy to cancel that contract and you can't do it instantly.
              You end up with too much or too little after a few months.
              It's fairly easy to change your autoship contract but you have to call customer service at 800-982-3189 x3.

         Instead we always pay your shipping when you order from our website or better still, when you call us directly.
         Yes, it's expensive but we love giving back and paying it forward.  We love hearing from you.  Really!

3.  Get us to pay your sales tax.
          If you live in a state, county and city that has no sales tax, bully for you!  You're a rarety.
          You know how much your total sales tax is.  It's about 7% to 12% most places, usually 8 or 9.
          Internet, interstate sales have no sales tax.  That's the current law.
                If you ever have to vote to restrict the Internet, that's the issue.  States want that tax money.  Support a Free
                Internet, which has no sales tax.
          However, Youngevity has established relationships with all states, counties  and municipalities so Youngevity
                charges you sales tax.
         They can charge us too when we order for you, so they do.
         We pay your sales tax for you.

      Guess what.  We pay about 16% more for our products than you do!  
      We pay shipping and sales tax on what we buy from Youngevity! 
      You would too, but when you buy from us, we pay it for you.

4.  Avoid Amazon like we do.
        At Amazon, you have to pay shipping and sales tax. 
        They may say Free Shipping but it's an untruth.  Okay, it's a plain lie.  They just jump the price to compensate. 
        To make the burn worse, you pay sales tax on that shipping cost too, no matter where you live.

5.  Best Case, Just Call Us at 858-538-2911 (office) or 858-538-9455 (cell) or order from our website directly.
          Pay Wholesale for your products, not retail.
          We have Youngevity ship them ASAP directly from the factory to you for 100% Freshness.  Figure a week.
          Use PayPal, Square, any Credit Card, your Personal Check, a Money Order, a Product Trade or even a
          Home Depot or Movie card.  We don't care
.  We just want you and everyone else healthy.
          In general, we ship first and ask questions later.  Only one person has failed to reimburse us.  We still love him.
          How about Credit?  In most cases we can link you up with a credit provider.  It's kinda up to them.

6.  What about Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and other countries?
         It's complicated.  You might have to figure in Customs but...
Canada, Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii, we will pay all shipping charges, not customs.
Philippines, we have a friend and you can buy from him much cheaper because he has arranged bulk shipping.
Everywhere else, ask.  Youngevity doesn't ship to all countries.  We ship to all but about seven that the US embargos. 
In the rest of the countries, we're happy to pay the first $6.50 or 8% but the rest of the charges can be high. 
We're proud to have happy customers on every continent but Antarctica.

7.  How you can help us...  but it's purely optional.
          This doesn't save you money but it saves us money and helps us stick around, selling you products.
          When we use PayPal, it costs us 3%.  When we use Square, it costs us almost 3%.
          When the order goes through eBay, it costs us another 10%.
          That's a total of 28% to 33% your order costs us.

So if you can order personally or through our website, We save another 13%, helping us defray part of the 28% to 33% we have to pay for your shipping and sales tax.

Said another way, when you order through eBay, you use PayPal, costing us 13% and we still have to pay 15% to 20% for your shipping and sales tax.  We are perfectly willing to pay 28-33% more to keep you healthy but we'll last longer if the bite on our wallet is less.

So we ask you please to help by ordering directly or through our website.  Yep, it's as safe as it can get, better than PayPal or Amazon and you receive personal service from a Master Nutritionist, with a huge reputation to protect, who delights in answering ALL of your questions, free.

8.  One More Thing.  We're shoppers and bargain hunters.
          When we find the same quality cheaper, we tell you.  For example, we'll show you how to make antibiotic
          colloidal silver for a few cents per pint, as well as how not to do it.  We also sell it for $79 per 4-oz bottle. 
          The 315+ page book NUTRITION REVOLUTION sells for $50 at Amazon but we made it free for you at 

Your friend,
David Mitchell, author, BA, MS, MBA, Nutritionist