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Contains ALL of the 90 Minerals(60), Vitamins(16), Amino Acids(12) and Fatty Acids(2-4) that are Essential for
life and health. Nothing left out.  The Healthy Body Start Pak is for you if you are already in good health.
Other Paks use it as the basis and add various booster ingredients for various conditions people have.
Take one a day per 100# of body weight.  I weigh 190 and take it at breakfast and supper. 
A 300# person should add it at lunch as well, for three a day.

Mix with water.  It tastes good but even better with all in the same glass.  The EFAs are separate of course.

TIP:  It works well in water or juice.  It tastes fantastic with orange juice, lemonade or Youngevity Rebound AND ABSORBS BETTER.

HEALTHY BODY START PAK  (Original) #10245
$123.00   (NOT $175.71)