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We accept ALL forms of payment, even your personal check or money order. Youngevity only accepts personal credit cards, so if you want to send us your check, we'll use OUR card to place your order, and deposit your check in our bank, as a free service.

PayPal is the most trusted and secure online payment method on the planet, so we took the trouble to become "PayPal Verified."  They and we guarantee your order will arrive and satisfy you.  So does Youngevity.  PayPal charges us 3% when they do that.

We never put your private info into any computer and we shred.  So we believe we're even more secure than PayPal.  If ever we were to cause you a loss, we would refund it immediately and investigate later.  That's how we roll.  In 16 years, it hasn't happened yet.

We believe Youngevity.Com is equally secure because they guarantee every purchase and arrival.  You can click the GREEN button to order there  They charge you shipping and tax, so it's best to browse there and order directly from us.  We pay your shipping and tax.

We buy and sell everything at wholesale, to make good health available as widely as possible, so even a 3% savings is very important to us.  We hope you buy directly from us.  We save 3% and you save 15% to 20%.

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858-538-2911 from 9-9 Pacific Time

Incidentally, you can buy from Amazon, just not from us there.  We no longer support them.  Folks pay 15% to 20% more there and we are all about making health as easy and inexpensive as possible for you.



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